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After months of searching with many tools, I found the one with HiredHippo. We connected on all the points that truly mattered on both sides, making for a much more pleasant and productive interview and hiring process. I am now super happy with my role and would highly recommend HiredHippo!

Natalie G. Customer Success Manager Hire

We made two hires! HiredHippo is easy to use and we love how the profiles provide us direct LinkedIn access, and information on what's important to candidates. We received high-quality applications from our posting that added a lot of value to our internal recruitment process. Will be using this platform again!

Miriam S. Director of Talent at Fundthrough

I spent 8 months applying to jobs, spending hours crafting and adapting my resume to every role. It could take hours, and I had no idea if anyone even read it. HiredHippo simplified and centralized the process. I loved being able to focus my energy into one single profile and resume.

Devon B. Sales Development Representative Hire

I can attest that this new platform is one of the best new ways to find employees. We were looking for a unique skillset and by using HiredHippo were able to identify the right talent that we successfully hired. It is so easy to use.

Rachel D. Talent Acquisition at Stanley Black & Decker

Thanks to HiredHippo, I landed an amazing opportunity that matched all the criteria I was looking for when thinking about my next career move. HiredHippo is filled with innovative startups that are looking for strong candidates in various fields.

Salma A. Enterprise Account Executive Hire

HiredHippo has helped us hire within a week. The quality of candidates were at least 3x of Indeed. The transparency of candidate profiles also helped us to make a stronger and more informed hiring decision.

Lee M. Operations Manager at IDENTOS

Before HiredHippo, the job hunt was a lot of putting myself out there without a lot of response. HiredHippo made it less daunting and provided a welcome change in UX!

Jeff M. Software Sales Consultant Hire

We've successfully made multiple hires through HiredHippo. It was quick, easy, & we received incredible candidates aligned with our mission.

Ron B. Co-Founder at Railz

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